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This is an idea I got in the end of October 2014. Andreas Beining  and I finalized it and then pitched it for the Norwegian dairy brand Q-meieriene. However, there was only a couple of days before Movember so our timing was a bit off.

We have been in touch with MK Norway (Q-meieriene’s Ad agency) and hope they will bring the concept to life this year, or find an other dairy brand to work with.

Movember is about having an everlasting impact on the face of mens’s health. On October 31st, men all over the world shave their faces to grow a mustache throughout November. A mustache with a message: raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression

Over fifty percent of the population don’t get a mustache, but anyone can get a milk mustache. Therefore, we will challenge all women to join and take their  selfies with a milk mustache and post it on Instagram. Next step is to join Q-meieriene’s network at movember.com as Mo Sistas. For each one joining the network, Q-meieriene will donate a sum of money to Movember. The plan is to not use any money on advertising, only redesign the milk carton and use Instagram as channels. Our qualified guess is that it will gain a lot of PR. Instead of using a lot of money on advertising, Q-meieriene can also donate the money to something that matters.

“Q-stache” (Case movie)

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