“Kunnskapsreisen” (“The knowledge Journey”)

This is a recruitment and promotion campaign I worked for the University of Stavanger, when I worked at Geelmuyden Kiese Oslo.
I worked together with 3 other creatives on the creative concept and strategy.

Video No. 1. “Norway’s smartest taxi driver?”

We rigged a taxi with hidden cameras and microphones, and had a group of experts and teaches ready at the university.
The taxi driver got everything he needed on his ear, and the experts told him what he should talk about and ask the passengers.
As you can see there are many who are put out, and do not quite know what to answer.

The film was picked up by Dagbladet (Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper) and was on their website for a week.
It was very well received and got thousands of shares on Facebook.

Video No. 2.”A university on rails”

With the help of 14 lecturers from the University of Stavanger we would make Norway’s, perhaps the world’s longest lecture.
Not in time, but in the distance. The lecture lasted from Oslo to Stavanger in a train car.
This is a 584km train ride that takes about 8 hours. The train car was filled up  with people from the press, and hopefully some
new students.

Video No. 3. “You are getting further with knowledge”

We got people to start their own knowledge journey by handing out books on the Airport.
The books written by the teachers at the University, and gave the travelers an opportunity to learn something new while they where traveling.

Video No. 4. “Cash, card or knowledge”

We also made a smaller hidden camera video. We surprised the customers with the opportunity to pay with their knowledge.
This created many smiles and was very well received. 

University of Stavanger “Kunnskapsreisen” (“The Knowledge Journey”)

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