University of Oslo - Anders M. Fjeld is researching the brain from jakob tvedt on Vimeo.

University of Oslo - Thomas H. Eriksen is researching Global Changes from Jakob Tvedt on Vimeo.

University of Oslo - Kristin Braa is researching Mobile Health from Jakob Tvedt on Vimeo.


University of Oslo

In cooperation with Gambit Hill & Knowlton we have created the concept of “Knowledge straight from the source”

Most lecturers are namely also researchers and therefore students are taught straight from the producers of knowledge . We launched the concept of three films and a boards campaign, where you could get to know some of the scientists and their research projects. In this way we hope to recruit new students, who are motivated and triggered by the dream of being among some of the world ‘s leading researchers and lecturers.

There is only 5 million people living in Norway. Still, the films had about 500,000 views on Facebook , two weeks after launch.


Account Manager: Hanne Grobstok

Creative Director/Copywriter: Silje Helene Fjell

Art Director: Jakob Tvedt Jr.

Producer: Oda Hveem

Photo: Egil Larsen

Sound: Sølve Huse-Amundsen

Stylist: Cornelia Brunasso


University of Oslo – “Kunnskap rett fra kilden” (“knowledge straight from the source”) Video

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