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My name is Jakob, and I am 29 years old.  I was born and raised on the island Karmøy on the west coast of Norway, and have been living in Oslo since 2010.  I have a bachelor from Westerdals Høyskole’13. I have agency experience from both Trigger and Geelmuyden Kiese. Where I had the opportunity to develop concepts across platforms allowing me to gain a solid strategic understanding of the Communication field. I spent 3 months at Trigger as a senior year intern while still studying at Westerdals and there I worked with many important clients such as IKEA, Harley Davidson, Statoil Fuel &Retail.

While at GK I got to work closely with a number of their largest clients such as Universitetet i Stavanger, Den Norske Turistforening and Betsson, There I participated both as part of teamwork as well as independent projects taking part in developing communication concepts such as «Kunnskapsreisen» on behalf of UiS.

As well as contributing with the concept and outtakes for GK’s own ad «Hverdagen snudd på hodet» which went on to win «Aftenposten Best».

I must add that I feel that I thrive best working in a team situation but feel I have also managed working comfortably on my own. My greatest strength as others have told me is that I am a creative resource thinking «outside the box».

This past nine months I have freelanced as well as collaborating with Superblaise Agency. As a freelancer I have pitched for clients like Amnesty, Lakerol and Kirkens Bymisjon. In addition to a number of concepts I have developed ready for Q-meieriene which they could find quite suitable.

Having tested the waters as a freelancer, I now feel the time is right for me to find a more permanent challenge to allow me to recharge and get a more rounded sense of the craftsmanship of the communication field.

In my years of work I have developed a philosophy of establishing a unique story across all platforms in order to get the message out in a way that is both creative and effective.

I have gained knowledge of working with paid, deserved, owned and shared channels – with an emphasis on the deserved channels.

At Westerdals my bachelor paper was about PR vs. Advertising and as a result I was drawn to agencies that represented this type of expertise as their core principals. With my background in today’s highly intertwined fields of communications I am quite eager to learn more about advertising as I feel I have equal amounts of qualifications in the creative as well as the strategic sides that are needed in the communications field. Creativity and Strategy are both critical and interdependent and they have they ability to inform each other such as in the relationship between PR and Advert.

I am thrilled at the prospect of gaining further insights, and to contribute with personal experience while broadening my horizons across fields, channels, platforms, and even national borders. This is why I would be ecstatic if I were considered for the internship position.

I would describe my personality as an easy-going extrovert as people often remark that I bring a positive spirit to the work environment and I love meeting new people and exploring new things. I settle well into new situations but have also been driven by a constant curiosity which means I can be a graffiti artist one day and an actor the next.

Below you can find my LinkedIn profile for a closer look at my resume.

Otherwise I look very much forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Jakob Tvedt Jr.

(+47) 928 77 876

Yousef Musavi, Geelmuyden Kiese
(+47) 988 68 888